A guide to English music festivals, in the run-up to Reading

English Festivals don’t quite live up to the glamour of those in America, like bigger festivals such as Coachella. Typically, with a British festival, you need to prepare for muddy and wet days, too. With Reading Festival soon approaching this weekend, I thought I’d write a guide to British festivals, to guarantee you have the... Continue Reading →


Activities in the Peak District

Usually I'd encourage walking on wet days: just chuck on a rain coat and its bearable enough to grit through it and enjoy. In this case, I really would not advice these activities in rainy conditions... or while wearing pumps. We'd came to the Peak District as a way of building bonds between myself and... Continue Reading →

The graffiti of Shoreditch, London

London is probably the most graffitied city in England (except for Bristol), featuring many famous artists such as Banksy and Ben Eine. You can find plenty of places that offer free tours to see all of these, which are definitely worth taking if you happen to be an art fan. Usually the streets are less... Continue Reading →

Christmas in London’s Winter Wonderland

(Note: This is a recollection of a past trip from Christmas time) London during Christmas is one of the most magical places to go, in terms of atmosphere and emotion. When Winter Wonderland opened again in Hyde Park for the festive season, I felt desperate to go. When visiting London, I was only staying overnight... Continue Reading →

Pastel villages in Wales: My first trip

Travelling the world has always been my biggest goal once I finish college, but being a student, a day trip to Weston-Super-Mare is about as far my budget stretches currently. Due to which, I’m aiming to see the best parts of Britain before I can shell out on a plane ticket. The first destination of... Continue Reading →

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